Dolly Hopkins, supports community building through presentations, speaking engagements and workshops, as she continues to share her unique vision of Celebrations with the world…

Dolly Hopkins

Creative Visionary

Keynote Speaker

Local, National, & International Presentations

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  1. Judy Gray (Brandon) says:

    Hey Dolly! Would love to catch up and connect after all these years. I live in Tsawwassen but am often downtown Vancouver for work and to visit my friends. A tidbit, have been separated since 2009, re-connected at high school reunion with Greg Morrow and we have been ‘going steady’ since then. Do see some of the North Van High girls now and then and they would also love to see you. You look absolutely fabulous and young – trust life has been good.
    Happened to find your website as Dolly Scarr and I work together and your name came up as she knows you or about you. Anyway, hope you get in touch! Cheers, Judy

  2. Dolly says:

    Hi contact me at dolly.hopkins@gmail.com would love to connect with you
    looking forward to hearing from you….Dolly

  3. Maria bailey says:

    Hi Judy- I live in tsawwassen too and I am a Dolly fan too! I wonder if we know one another?

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