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Dolly Hopkins is available to provide engaging and entertaining presentations or workshops for your symposium, community group or educational institution. Known across the globe as a mover and shaker, Dolly’s unique way of viewing the world, her energetic passion, and get-it-done attitude makes her a fantastic partner in your conference, event, or project.

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Event Consulting/Design/Production
Public Speaking/Panelist

Event Consultation

Do you have a vision for a project, but need some creative support, design or production help? Dolly will sit down and spend time to nurture the vision, enhance the idea, and then work through the stages necessary to bring the vision to reality.

Contact Dolly to discuss your ideas.

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On the podium, Dolly is a provocative speaker who brings unparalleled experience, insight and candour to her presentations. Through storytelling, Dolly takes the audience on a creative journey, sharing experiences that show how nurturing creativity in individuals helps build a vibrant community. Dolly believes that we all have a greater capacity to become more than we ever imagined. Her energetic style and enthusiasm draws accolades from a wide range of audiences. Dolly is a must-have speaker.

For a truly memorable event, consider Dolly for your next conference or symposium.

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Here are a couple examples of the workshops that Dolly offers. Workshops can be customized and themed according to your needs. Contact Dolly to discuss your ideas.

Community Celebrations Workshop

How do we awaken people to the wonder and awe of celebration and ceremony and draw diverse individuals together to share a common experience, which will both enrich their communities and build partnerships? By bringing together artists, performers and the public, a collaborative approach to creating celebrations can be transformational, as the community recognizes its own creative abilities, reflects on its identity and speaks with a shared voice.

This workshop is aimed at community groups and organizations who are interested in deepening the connectedness of communities by providing an understanding of the importance of engagement and participation.

Embracing Creativity Workshop

How to rediscover your creative DNA. Dolly will take participants through a series of fun activities and exercises intended to open the doors to the creative self, and support participants in their abilities to reflect and act on their own creativity.

This workshop is aimed at businesses, educational institutions, and organizations who are interested in supporting the creative capacity of their employees/members.

Rituals, Myth-Making and Celebration Workshop

Ritual and Celebration are integral to the human experience. But how do we awaken ourselves to the wonder and awe of ceremony, ritual, and celebration in our everyday lives?  In this workshop, Dolly will draw your attention to what we already experience as daily celebrations, share ways to expand the meaning and scope of your own personal rituals, and build appreciation of how rituals and myth making connect us to the life force of wellness within our families and communities.

Dolly will take participants through a series of fun activities and exercises that focus on self-discovery and exploration, nourishing our sense of well-being and allowing us to access the creative part of ourselves that can become dormant in the business of day-to-day life.

This workshop is great for conferences, community workshops, small groups, and others who have an interest in personal health and wellness.

Contact Dolly to discuss your needs.

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