Greener Goals with Green to Go Project

Written by Dolly on November 11th, 2014

small_logo The collaborative Green 2 Go Project (by SPEC’s Waste Committee) aims to assist Vancouver in its goal of reducing landfill-bound solid waste by working with city restaurants and the public in dialogue and support in reducing take-out container waste.

The project, which completed its pilot phase in January 2014, assists and leverages capacity of existing initiatives in Vancouver, linking efforts through a more centralized approach to encourage and assist businesses and consumers in providing or transitioning to fully reusable, compostable or recyclable alternatives. It establishes solutions based on environment standards, restaurant specific needs and economic considerations. With support from partners, facilitators and volunteers Green 2 Go engages with businesses and the public at large to convey problems posed by conventional take-out containers and provide businesses with adoption alternatives.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.31.15 PM A bit about SPEC who have built a lasting legacy of environmental protection. SPEC found the Recycle Council of BC (RCBC), advocated rapid transit such as the Sea-Bus across Burrard Inlet, lobbied for a provincial Land Commission Act to preserve BC farmland and much more.

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Greener Goals with Zoolu Organics

Written by Dolly on October 1st, 2014

Zoolu Organics





Zoolu Organics is a children’s clothing line made with 100% organic cotton and water-based inks as a much healthier alternative to the PVC-based, toxic inks used in 90% of baby clothes.

Zoolu Turtle 2


The line features tops, dresses, pants, burp clothes and more, with screen-printed original designs that are much more unique and hip than the typical cutesy cartoon designs.


Zoolu Frog

After her husband’s diagnosis with the terminal illness ALS, Patty Abbott conducted some research that led her to believe the disease is related to toxins in our environment. She decided to eliminate all toxins from their home, from cleaning materials, cooking utensils, and non-organic foods, and started looking at what companies were putting in baby clothes. She was alarmed to discover that 90% of the prints on baby clothes use Plastisol inks, which are PVC based.

Zoolu Owl

Abbott founded Zoolu Organics so she could produce something that was safe for her new son to wear. She designs the graphics and prints the garments herself to ensure the process is eco-friendly and each product is unique.

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Greener Goals with Lavish & Lime

Written by Dolly on June 1st, 2014

A source for Eco-friendly, natural and non-toxic products.

Waste-Free Lunch
Reusable Water Bottles
Home Essentials
Cleaning Supplies
Art Supplies and more

Started by a “a husband and wife team that – like most new parents – started thinking more about ingredients, materials and the impact we’re having on the environment when [they] had kids. We found there were lots of eco-friendly products out there, just not readily available – in Canada….[that they] became accustomed to in Europe.”

With each purchase Lavish & Lime will plant a tree in Earthquake devastated Haiti through the non-profit organization Trees for the Future. Help us help Haiti, and the environment we all share – together we can make a difference.

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