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Woman of the Month Before – Cecilia Greyson

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Cecilia Greyson

Here’s a bit about her:

A passionate supporter of the arts, Cecilia Greyson has assisted with the production of many of Vancouver’s most celebrated community events, including the Illuminares Lantern Festival, the Vancouver Pride Parade, First Night Vancouver, and the 2010 Cultural Olympiad.

More recently, Cecilia has worked as a features writer for magazines and newspapers, and received a Masters of Journalism from the University of British Columbia in 2011. She’s been honoured to receive awards for her work, including a Jack Webster Student Journalism Award, a multimedia artist residency with Vancouver Co-operative Radio, and a 2009 GlobeMedia Fellowship.

Now, Cecilia’s passion for writing, creativity and community is the inspiration for an online project exploring the use of personal storytelling. With a focus on journal writing, Cecilia’s website discusses how personal stories can help individuals, businesses and organizations connect with audiences, transform problems, and tap into their creativity.

And here’s how she answered my 6 questions about creativity:

What does it mean to you to be creative?
For me, creativity is like a spark that lights up our lives. I’ve seen so many people smile with joy when they participate in a great project, event or performance, no matter how small or humble. The key, for me, is being willing to fully engage with the moment, and have fun.

What triggers your creativity?
I don’t think that creativity is anything mysterious that only artists and performers can tap into. I believe that creativity is just the opposite – it’s a tool that is accessible to all of us anytime, anywhere. Even little things, like birdsong, storm clouds, or graffiti in the alleyway can be inspiring.

What hinders your creativity?
If I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I’m less likely to be open to new influences. I’m learning that I’m at my best when I’m not too anxious.

What’s the wildest journey your venturesome spirit has taken you on?
My life just seems to be one wild ride after another, like hitchhiking across the country with friends in my twenties (not recommended, of course, but still memorable), or walking on stilts in a flamenco costume. I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by friends and colleagues who are willing to drag me with them on their crazy exploits.

What does being bold and provocative mean to you?
Being bold or provocative can mean being outrageous, but I think boldness also can be a quiet quality. In today’s hyper-money-focused society, simply standing for the importance of creative expression and community-building can be incredibly radical.

What’s next for you?
As a writer and artist, I’ve spent years using diaries and journals to transform personal problems and expand my creativity. And with the rise of social media, personal storytelling has become powerful tool that can be used to connect with audiences on a large scale.

Now, I’m turning my passion into my life’s focus. My website (www.cecilia-greyson.com) will be a “user’s manual” for personal storytelling, where I’ll be adding feature articles, interviews, and seminars to help others tap into their own, unique story.

Of course, I’ll be sharing lots of my own stories as part of this project, including anecdotes from my upcoming “story odyssey” this summer, as I travel across Canada with my camera and laptop in tow, hosting “diary nights” at various venues and sharing my ideas about personal storytelling.

And here’s what inspire’s Cecilia’s creativity:

I love these “moon games” photographs by the French photographer, Laurent Laveder. Using simple techniques, Laveder creates whimsical, magical images. Check them out at this blog featuring his the Moon Games series or his website.

Thank you Cecilia for illuminating our hearts. Happy summer trails!

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