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Man of the Month Before – Jeffrey Boone

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

November’s Man of the Month is:

Jeffrey Boone

Here’s a little bit about him:
Originally from Newfoundland, Jeffrey Boone moved Vancouver in 1999, and has worked with a number of arts festivals and organizations including the Vancouver Fringe Festival, the International Writers Festival, Axis Theatre and Ballet BC; and between 2006 and 2010 ran a commercial art gallery representing emerging artists locally and internationally.

He has volunteered on the Boards of non-profit arts organizations in Vancouver and in his native Newfoundland including the Contemporary Arts Society of Vancouver ( where he has served as Programming Chair and then Board Chair.

Jeffrey is the Executive Director of the Eastside Culture Crawl: an annual 3 day free event, now in it’s 15th year, during which more than 300 artists, designers, craft-makers, potters, jewelers and furniture-makers open their studios to the public. It’s a rare opportunity to see the spaces where so much is made by hand in East Van.

And here’s how he answered my 6 questions about creativity:

What does it mean to you to be creative?
Being creative for me is finding solutions that engage others to achieve common goals.

What triggers your creativity?
I get excited by problems to which I can see sustainable solutions that could result in realizing potential on an ongoing basis.

What hinders your creativity?
Sloth, avarice and a lack of imagination.

What’s the wildest journey your venturesome spirit has taken you on?
I’m finding planning toward developing a nonprofit artist studio building to be a really wild ride with a steep learning curve! So exciting!

What does being bold and provocative mean to you?
Thinking beyond the scope of you own life – if you want to have an impact you have to think of something that will go on beyond you, something that will have benefit beyond your own lifetime.

What’s next for you?
Sleep. It’s 11:30PM and I’m going to the gym at 6:00AM

And here’s two things Jeffrey is inspired by:

I’m inspired by selfless contribution to community minded initiatives….. oh, and the backside of Blackcomb mountain on a powder day!

Thank you Jeffrey for going beyond!

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