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Woman of the Week Before – Little Woo

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Here’s a little bit about her:

Little Woo

Little Woo

Little Woo is a spiritual teacher and performance artist who enjoys sharing magic and inspiration through diverse forms.   Be it in the realm of Healing Arts (public speaking, workshop facilitation, spiritual counseling & community building) or in the world of performance art (shadow-puppetry, storytelling, music, dance), her work is playful, heartfelt and transcendent.

Little Woo is the founder/facilitator of Epic Alchemy program: inspiring workshops about love, transformation and self-actualization.   She has taught and performed in venues ranging from the Sistahood Festival, The Great Turning Unconference to the Living Vision Retreats and profiled for her innovative ethos in media such as the Georgia Straight, Vancouver Sun and CBC Radio. Please visit her website at and check out the calendar to see the Epic Alchemy Fall schedule that begins Sept.14, 2009!

And here’s how she answered my 6 questions about creativity:

What inspires your creativity?
My life is devoted to the energies of Inspiration, Transformation and Love.  As you can imagine, these three sisters are incredible muses for my creativity!

How do people respond to your creativity?
People are often very inspired or moved emotionally by my work.  Whether I am offering spiritual counseling, public speaking, a workshop or a performance, I hope they feel connected to the Universe’s loving voice, calling them to play…

What is the wildest journey your creativity has taken you on?
Little Woo, Mermaid

The journey keeps one-upping itself at every turn!  For example:  one of my projects is the continual evolution of my mermaid performance art. I’ve been perfecting my mermaid tail costume (about to start my fifth incarnation) and have gotten my scuba training.  Most recently, I did freedive training with world champion freediver Mandy-Rae Cruickshank and her husband Kirk Krack.  They supported and trained David Blaine for his performance stunt “Drowned Alive” in 2006 and are currently featured in the amazing documentary “The Cove” (about the covert dolphin slaughter happening each year in Taiji, Japan).  Freediving is similar to scuba diving, except without the tank! It is the art and science of breath-hold diving…

Who loves you for your creativity?
The Life Force which moves through my being and my doing loves my creativity…

In which ways do you see yourself as Breaking New Ground?
I feel that we are all Visionaries.  We are all breaking new ground with each new perception or question.  Each person’s story is unique and is offering something new to the Field of Consciousness.  Every time we grow, we are expanding all of Humanity.

What’s next for you?
The cosmic school year is about to begin!  I will be teaching my epic alchemy workshops again in Vancouver starting September 14, 2009.  Different workshops are offered throughout the fall, winter and spring season. (you can visit the calendar on my website for more info)  I’ve been mainly teaching adults but this year, I am finally creating space for kids to learn these same tools of self- empowerment and love!  In the realm of art, i have been working on my first book and developing various performance art/community-building projects.  In between all that, i am also taking time to travel, create costumes and enjoy chill time with my sweetheart!

And here’s a couple things that inspire Little Woo’s creativity:

A shadow-puppet fairytale:

Short Freedive video in Squamish:

Thanks Little Woo! Your energy and talents are amazing!