Woman of the Month Before – Alison Therriault

Written by Dolly on May 1st, 2012


Alison Therriault

Here’s a little bit about her:
Alison is an artist, actor, musician, gardener, wife, home-maker and stitch witch. She has a Bachelor in Art History from the University of Victoria and a diploma in Physical Theatre from Tooba Physical Theatre Centre. Some favourite adventures so far: touring Europe as a singing mermaid, seeing eagles swarm the beach in Massett, picking nettles in Agassiz, taking the train to San Francisco, and showing work at the East Side Culture Crawl. For the last several years she has been a costume and props maker and designer in the Vancouver arts community and is now strenuously exercising her left brain as a secretary for the BCGEU. Born and raised in Kitsilano, she lives in East Van with her husband, Chris-a-riffic, and two cats, Pajama and Doug.

And here’s how she answered my 6 questions about creativity:

What does it mean to you to be creative?
To be creative is to realize that beauty is free and is always an option. And then to take advantage of that fact and have the courage to make something beautiful; whether it is an artwork, an outfit, a relationship, or a moment in time.

What triggers your creativity?
When I see other people being truly themselves I feel inspired to be creative. In terms of my artwork, I am inspired by so many different things – myths, music, a line from a novel, a piece of lace – it is fascinating what things catch my fancy. We are all completely unique in the things that fascinate us and move us to some sort of response. Also, collaborating with others can be extremely inspiring and fun – a rare treat when it works.

What hinders your creativity?
Fear in all its many forms is the enemy of creativity. My resistance usually shows up in the form of “I don’t have enough time today to work on …”. But whenever I carve out even half an hour, I am always gladdened and fulfilled.

What’s the wildest journey your venturesome spirit has taken you on?
Right now I am expecting my first child, and that has been a pretty wild journey so far. I get most excited about raising a child when I think about all the arts and crafts we will do together! And all the costumes I will make for him or her, and all the festivals we will go to, and making music together. I want to fight against our society’s assumption that the arts are not a necessity for health, that imagination is not important, by emphasizing those things in my child’s life. At least giving him or her a choice, whether that will be important or not.

What does being bold and provocative mean to you?
Wearing big earrings. Not shaving my legs. Singing in public (ie. while walking down the street).

What’s next for you?
Having a baby! Trying to sustain my creative life in balance with my family life – what a challenge. I think it can be done. I’ve seen other people do it. But it makes me a bit nervous I confess.

And here’s something that inspires her creativity:

Baker the Midwife, by Adian Baker

Be sure to check out Alison’s website: MAKESHIFTMOON

Thank you Alison, for sharing your creativity and the public singing!

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