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Written by Dolly on September 11th, 2009
Phoenix Olivia

Phoenix Olivia

Here’s a little bit about her:

Founder of Soldiers of the Underground, (a Vancouver collective of DJs and producers) Phoenix Olivia has an insatiable love for music and the underground dance culture. Hailing from Guyana South America she grew up in a musical house which has carved the diverse character of her sound today. With both feet firmly planted in the Light and the Dark, Phoenix is adept in both the ethereal style of Progressive House as well as the dirty urban sound of Reggae/Dancehall.

This diversity in sound can most likely be attributed to growing up in the West Indies where Reggae and Dancehall is king and eventually moving to Canada and discovering the electronic dance scene at the age of 19. Undoubtedly, Phoenix has made a noticeable mark in the dance movement of the North American West Coast. Under her party production company Soldiers of the Underground, Phoenix has showcased artists such as San Fransisco’s Bluetech, Adham Shaikh, Noah Pred, Kevin Shiu, Cary Chang, Jacob Cino, Chris Misener, Prince Sho, Bounty Hunta, Michael Red, Taal Mala, Max’ulis and Seattle’s Osiris Indriya to name a few.

Photo by Phoenix Olivia

Photo by Phoenix Olivia

In 2008 Phoenix decided to step away from throwing events and focus more on DJing and Producing. Her Progressive House style is often compared to Sasha and James Holden with it’s dark, hypnotic flow of deep dark chugging progressive and progressive breaks, while her sexy Dancehall sets can get even the thugs wilying’ out on the dancefloor. She has played for packed dancefloors as far as East Africa and Cuba, but her vision for this year is to produce more and expose her music to more of Africa, as well as Western Europe. Phoenix has also just recently returned to the studio and under her new production company Global Unity Entertainment she intends to have a new album done by summer 2010. Stay tuned.

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And here’s how she answered my 6 questions about creativity:

Uganda Women, photo by Phoenix Olivia

Photo by Phoenix Olivia

What inspires your creativity?
Innovative music inspires me. There is so much cookie cutter music out there right now that when I come across new music that really captures my attention and soul, I get really excited and propelled to create my own and through DJing share new music I’ve come across. I’m also an avid photographer and going to new countries always inspires me to document what I see. Beautiful art inspires me.

How do people respond to your creativity?
Very positively and very loyally. I’m always being asked when I’ll be performing next and I get alot of support from friends and acquaintances that enjoy the music I create and spin. I feel alot of appreciation for my artform and I’m very grateful for that.

Photo by Phoenix Olivia

Photo by Phoenix Olivia

What is the wildest journey your creativity has taken you on?
To East Africa two times and about to head on my third trip to Uganda and Tanzania. Over there I’ve been able to DJ and share my music with an entirely new audience, and I’ve photographed some amazing people and scenes.
There is also a freedom there that I haven’t experience here in Canada. People are very much in a state of celebrating life and having fun. Music is everywhere and always welcome.

Who loves you for your creativity?
Everyone I know and everyone that’s having a great time on the dancefloor.

In which ways do you see yourself as Breaking New Ground?

Photo by Phoenix Olivia

Photo by Phoenix Olivia

I’m attempting to start a DJ  school for girls in Uganda. I feel like women there who may be interested in becoming DJs are often too intimidated by the scene because it’s dominated by men, and therefore refrain from getting started. So I’m going to give free classes to young girls and women that are interested in the artform and also offer mentorship and career development. I’m right now in the process of amassing equipment for the venture particularly Technics turntables and mixers. All donations are welcome.

What’s next for you?
My return trip to East Africa where I’ll primarily be Djing and working on a new album as well as developing the DJ school. Initially the school will just be classes out of my home and at Rouge nightclub during the day but if there’s an opportunity to expand it I will.

And here’s something that inspires her creativity:

This is a wonderful website that really inspires me and sometimes I can spend hours just watching the interviews and talks. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re interested in learning new ideas.


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